BBA Course Detail

Bachelor of Business Administration

The full form of BBA degree is bachelor of business administration which provides the students’ knowledge of practical and theoretical aspects of business. This is a 3 years under graduate program which helps the students in developing management and leadership skills to run a business.

BBA students are potent to generate out of the box solution for an organization and are smart professionals. BBA course offered by Hillside Institute of Management and Academy remains to be a good degree course which will open many opportunities for the students. The main subjects which are taught in this program are business law, economics, ethics, finance, strategic management, supply chain management etc.

What are the unique selling propositions (USPS) of business management courses conducted in Hillside Institute of Management and Academy?

Hillside Institute of Management and Academy allows students to choose several smart and professional career options from the available courses. The courses offered by us remain to be well differentiated and customized in order to meet the needs and requirements of the domestic job market.

Specializations offered for BBA courses at Hillside Institute of Management and Academy include the following:

  • Business law,
  • Economics,
  • Ethics,
  • Finance,
  • Strategic management,
  • Supply chain management and much more.