Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

BCOM-Bachelor of Commerce


Recognizing the vast manpower requirements of the Banking and Finance market, HILLSIDE is offering a range of Finance Courses as well as Banking Courses as an add on course. These programs, including the Diploma in Financial Accounting, enable individuals to enhance or build skills in specific Banking and Financial domains and avail of the career opportunities emerging in these segments. This course in Banking and Finance is designed to equip learners with skills that are needed by modern-day banking, insurance and finance. These Finance and Banking Courses help professionals to develop competencies across four dimensions—domain, technology, application and customer-service.


Tally is the most widely used accounting system all over the world. Tally.ERP is designed keeping in mind the day of a business owner. It simplifies business processes such that managing it is easy and effective. Designed with the principles of simplicity, flexibility and reliability, Tally.ERP seamlessly adapts to your business environment and scales itself as your business grows. The strong capabilities of the product are further enhanced through regular product updates which provides the latest Tally technology and powerful connectivity services to your business. Overall, Tally.ERP is the perfect solution to accelerate your business growth. It can generate 100% accurate tax returns in a matter of minutes. It helps Synchronize any business data across locations without the need for rigid schedules. It manages the working capital requirements and plan the cash flow in the most efficient way. It gives regular updates and a memory optimized system performance.

The latest version available today is Tally ERP 9.5. It has got more advanced feature and is synchronized with latest tax and duties regulations. Learning Tally will help the students maintaining the daily accounts, cash and bank transactions with details, tax and excise calculations, cash flow and profit of the company.

The other important features the students will learn are


Advanced excel is excel with business. Microsoft Excel is considered to be the most efficient and professional solution. Excel is one of the most widely used solutions for analyzing and visualizing data. It now includes tools that enable the analysis of more data, with improved visualizations and more sophisticated business logics. In this data science course, you will get an introduction to the latest versions of these new tools in Excel 2016 from an expert.

Our Advanced Excel training will really show you how to make Excel work for you. The course is aimed at fairly experienced Excel users who need to learn more complex functions, nesting, and data manipulation and protect data using the security features. You will gain an insight into data tables and using excel advanced look up features to automate worksheets and analysis tools to forecast figures based on a range of scenarios and use consolidation to bring together information.